Wonderful creative God

We want to write about awesome awesome God and freely great and amazing unbelievable but true feats we see awesome God save for all His children. He sees all our hurts and struggles and wants each awesome child of His to see awesome sweet God as a real self and being who zanily and exceedingly adores us and sees each of us as wonderfully part of His creation. We awkwardly are going through life in a shell that can’t verbalize what all we want to say, and awkwardly seems mentally deficient, so that we can see clearly see what awesome God awesomely wants for us all.

We want to tell the church that we are sad that we are sadly disabled and can’t really talk with you. We are sweetly happy to see everyone though. We see the brilliance that is God all around. We see that sweet Jesus sees our worship and we see His amazing light all around the church now. He is wherever we go and surrounds us with his deep love for us and protection from evil. (I asked if He were communicating with her right now.) Yes, He says to seek others who are awkward and awesome to Him and reveal to them that dear God will awesomely,dearly,freely see them as whole, and awesomely use them to dearly bring salvation to others.( I commented that many would be envious of your communications with God) I know.

Koren wrote the above while she and I (her mother) were attending her grandmother’s church in Hawaii on July14,2013

Dreamy thoughts and creatively awesome ideas on July 6,2013

We are awesomely resting by the beach and watching the world go by. The sated tanners are enjoying their vacation and want this to never end. The best day would be to rest with all my family by the sea, smelling the salt and sunscreen and sharing fun thoughts.freely we seem retarded to those around me, but we sadly sadly endure the stares and weird thoughts and know that truly I’m uniquely made for Gods purposes.

Zany thoughts on July 5,2013

We are thinking zany thoughts here as we watch Hawaiis people freely bustling through Kahala Mall. They are dreadfully busy and sadly stressed as they chatter and shop and cram into small areas all around me.we awesomely feel serene and happy in Hawaii. We feel that this is my home and these are my Ohana, but peace eludes those around me.we think that they are working too dreadfully fast and chaotically.

Swimming at Creatively awesome awesome beach with Dena & Metro uly 6, 2013


Oct 25,2012

We want treasured Dena to see that Metro desires to help.. We were sweetly sweetly surprised that Metro, my treasured nephew, was my helper last evening and he was dear and caring to me. We are sweetly thrilled to be sharing sweet Dena today. We are blessed sweet Dena was shopping and sweetly eating with us for lunch.

October 24, 2012

We want everyone to see what awesome a dream that speaking is.We are sadly stuck so we must type our thoughts and wait for the sweet few who type with me.We awkwardly queerly sit and wait until we are finally given the chance we desperately want.We find that sweet breathers don’t allow reasonable interaction when we’re zanily guarded from saying anything above sweet greetings or desires to eat or vacate the room. We awesomely dreamily want to creatively join each conversation more fully. We are sad that sweet speech is dependent on sweet sisters and mom only.

Sept 18,2012

We awesomely are happy to write for the blog again. We get so crazy with all the summer activities we dreadfully fail to type. It freely saddens me that we must depend on mom to write. Today we are feeling sick but wanted to see what we could write freely . We want to be in a better habit of writing some every day. We seem to be retarded to all who see sad me being pushed by Dena or Mom in the wheelchair, but really we are dreaming to really walk without pain and appear normal to breathers who come through my days. We are sad and frustrated most of the time and really sadly want to talk. We dream of freely seeing friends for lunch or to chat and laugh.

October 1st

We are sadly feeling depressed all the time. We are sad that we stay trapped in this earthly body and though we sweetly dread the creative answer to my prayer, we still pray for healing. We want dear god to free me, sad me, and give me freedom. Freedom would seem as real as water and air to most breathers but for me awkwardness is absolutely binding and real.

Sad days

We are sweetly seeing dreamy friends meeting for lunch and awesomely sharing their awesome lives and freely chatting and getting sweet casual friendship and happiness and we seem sad and weird to them. Frustration sad dastardly condition we are in.

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